Congratulations on your journey to better health—with krill oil supplements!      … you’ve made a wise choice | ... Free Vitamin Encyclopedia.

Congratulations on your journey to better health
—with krill oil supplements!
      … you’ve made a wise choice

The Next Question: Which one is worth your time & money?

The good news…

after years of debate; virtually all krill oil experts agree that Captains Krill Oil™ is best, they won’t even debate it anymore (if you’d like to research why; start here or here)
However, Captains™ is a pharma-grade product, processed in small batches via mechanical press (no chemical extraction) and it is priced as such
… leaving the only real question …
  How do we squeeze Captains™ into our budget?

Quickest, most reliable option (also most expensive) … hundreds of reviews and delivery in about 2 days.

Our preferred option … where we order 🙂 … old school, reliable small business and you’ll save about 18%, if you get the 3-pack.

Cheapest option … your first bottle is 1/2 amazon’s price, but you have to signup for their autoship program. [to be fair] we’ve never heard of anyone having an issue moving their next ship date or cancelling their membership via email or by signing into their system.

Learn more about Captain’s™ at their website.

If you see anything we’ve missed, email us at or become a contributor, we can use all the help we can get!

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