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We Need Your Help!When we started this website, we expected to have lists of recommended products in each category. Now, 4 years later, we could not be more disappointed to find that only a very few vitamin products follow the research.

After reviewing hundreds of products, there are several categories where we can not find even 1 product that we can recommend. Even when there is a solid product, there is rarely more than one product worth recommending. Add to that the fact that in nearly every category the best selling products are among the worst and we are questioning whether this kind of website can grow.

Therefore, we ask that you please email us the products that you believe meet or exceed the research recommendations. We need your help finding higher quality vitamins.

WikiVites is different. Here, information is crowd-sourced. Which means that individuals from everywhere are able to combine their knowledge to present facts, not sales pitches.

The Role Of Vitamins

Some health-based websites are very skeptical of vitamins and nutritional supplements. Others think they are miraculous cure-alls.

As with most things in life, the truth is somewhere in the middle. There is usually good science suggesting that certain supplements can benefit your health. But there’s rarely concrete proof. Here, information is presented that reflects both sides. Articles lay out the available evidence, and leave it up to you to decide what’s best for you and your health.

How Crowd-Sourcing Keeps Information Real

Anytime a website is run by a single group of people, there will be a natural bias. People have opinions.

WikiVites avoids this by using the same model as other wiki sites; Anyone can become a member and submit and edit articles. If something is posted that’s incorrect, or particularly controversial, then it will be quickly noticed, argued and corrected.

The articles you find here must be documented and factual to remain on the site. You’ll notice that they all contain footnotes, backing up any claims made in the article.

Product Suggestions

What good is information about vitamins without some guidance as to choosing between potential products? Each supplement entry will contain a discussion of how to choose a product based upon currently available research. When available, a list of products that meet this criteria will be provided. Over time, this list will grow to provide several choices in each category.

The purpose of this is two-fold: For one, it will hopefully save our readers time and confusion. Secondly, the internet is rife with companies that claim endorsements from TV personalities and other reputable sources when the products they sell are nothing like what that personality discussed. By listing actual products here, those fraudulent claims become impossible. You need only take a look at our product recommendation section to see the actual products we feel are worthy of your time and money. does not sell any products. All products listed on this site are for the convenience of our readers. Any purchases made are between you and the individual retailer.

Always Consult Your Physician

No matter how much evidence there is to back up anything presented on this site, it cannot replace the advice of your personal physician. The role of this site is to provide information for you to discuss with your doctor, NOT to give you medical advice.

No matter how much a vitamin has been studied, no one knows how it will affect an individual, with all of your unique details and history. We cannot stress strongly enough that you should consult your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement.