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Magnesium is needed by every organ in the body, including the muscles, kidneys and heart. It also forms bones and teeth, regulates calcium levels, activates enzymes and contributes to energy production. Magnesium is essential for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body.[1] Are you getting enough magnesium? If not, what might happen? And what’s the… read more »

Calcium Supporting Ingredients

Every great accomplishment has a supporting cast. Whether it’s enacting some social change or creating something that people enjoy, nobody acts alone. The same is true for calcium supplements. They just don’t work as well without support. In fact, its when taken alone that calcium supplements can increase heart attack risks. So, what are the ingredients needed for safe,… read more »

Calcium Supplements and Heart Attack Risk

It’s been all over the news for years: calcium supplements may, in fact, increase your risk of a heart attack. Which is pretty alarming considering the fact that everyone should be taking a calcium supplement. Do we really have to choose between osteoporosis and a heart attack? What’s the real story? And is there a safer solution?… read more »

Calcium Supplement Recommendation

Things To Consider When Choosing A Calcium Supplement Calcium is essential for human health, affecting multiple bodily functions.[1] Yet the Surgeon General’s office has estimated that as many as 80% of Americans get less than adequate amounts of calcium in their diets.[2] While this would suggest the need for calcium supplementation – and indeed, calcium is one of… read more »


What Is It? Calcium is one of the most important minerals to human health. Your body contains more of it than any other mineral. In fact, it makes up about 1-2% of your total body weight. Calcium is critically important to your health in many ways, and it’s often difficult to get enough from diet… read more »


What is Inflammation? Inflammation can be a double-edged sword – it’s something your body uses to fight off infections, and without it wounds would never heal.[1] Whenever you have an infection or injury, the redness, heat and swelling you see is your body’s immune system in action. But once the infection or wound is taken care… read more »