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Probiotics Product Recommendations

Probiotics that meet or exceed current research include: 1. Pinnacle Probiotic™ Pinnacle™ contains strains from 5 different Genera, in order to provide complete coverage of your digestive tract.[1] [2] Each strain included has been independently researched, found to be able to survive the digestive process to reach its destination, and to have health benefits for humans. It also… read more »

Probiotics — How to Choose?

Things To Consider When Choosing A Probiotic Supplement Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that line the human digestive tract[1] . They are an integral part of our immune system – some scientist think they actually control it.[2] Unfortunately, diet[3], lifestyle and certain medications[4] can alter the balance of these bacteria, leaving us with more neutral or even negative strains than… read more »

Probiotics — Bacterial Strains Matter

There are literally billions of different strains of bacteria that can inhabit the human body. This fact alone makes a massive impact on choosing a probiotic supplement that can actually be effective. Understanding how these beneficial bacteria are classified may seem complicated at first (hopefully this article will simplify it!) but it’s critical to making… read more »


What are Probiotics? We all have intestinal flora (that’s the word for all the bacteria in our intestines, good or bad). There are millions of different strains of these bacteria, and each person’s unique mix of those strains is called our microbiome. The more beneficial strains of bacteria are often called “Probiotics,” a term that… read more »