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Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn

According to legend, in the 12th Century BC, ancient Far East warriors turned their horses out to die after a battle. They were shocked when the horses came back days later rejuvenated with shiny coats. The miracle was traced to the sea buckthorn plant. From then on it was known as “Life Oil.” And today,… read more »

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Understand … we are researchers working on this volunteer project on nights and weekends — because we believe the world needs more unbiased research, more trustworthy reviews & less spin, less expert/doctor reviewers selling the very product they are reviewing. We are not perfect and we will make mistakes. Please help us by asking questions…. read more »


What is Inflammation? Inflammation can be a double-edged sword – it’s something your body uses to fight off infections, and without it wounds would never heal.[1] Whenever you have an infection or injury, the redness, heat and swelling you see is your body’s immune system in action. But once the infection or wound is taken care… read more »


Antioxidants You’ve probably heard the term antioxidants bandied about by health experts. You know they’re good for you. But how exactly do they work and how should you add them to your diet? Do you need to supplement with them? And can you get too many? Well there is a lot of science to answer… read more »