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Krill Oil Product Recommendations

Understand … we are researchers working on this volunteer project on nights and weekends — because we believe the world needs more unbiased research, more trustworthy reviews & less spin, less expert/doctor reviewers selling the very product they are reviewing.

We are not perfect and we will make mistakes.

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!!! — Current Krill Oil Warnings — !!!

1) A number of top selling, “MD branded” krill oil products are manipulating dosage to increase EPA/DHA/Astaxanthin numbers (1200mg, even 1500mg or more). — so what sounds like “getting more for less” is really “getting lower grade oil in larger pills”

2) Watch Out for Chemical Solvent Extraction from frozen krill

Product Recommendations

Krill oil supplements that meet or exceed current research are:

Captain’s™ Natural Krill Oil

(this is the only krill oil product we have found that is not extracted with chemical solvents from frozen krill … if you find another please let us know)

Captain’s Krill Oil is harvested using a continuous pumping system that allows krill to be immediately sent to the extraction process with no time for decomposition. The extraction process is mechanical and uses no chemicals or solvents.

Captain’s highlights their small batch process, which eliminates the problem of extracted oil sitting for long periods before being encapsulated.

[NOTE] … About Nutrient Numbers
When first introduced to the market, Captain’s received criticism for not listing the amounts of individual nutrients on the label. Their response was that since the krill oil was completely natural, raw and free of any processing, this breakdown was not required. After this criticism continued, Captain’s has begun publishing the results of the independent lab tests for each batch of krill oil on their website. So far, test results have indicated nutrient content to be as good or better than other precisely processed krill oil products.

Learn more about Captain’s Natural Krill Oil here.

Other Products Reviewed

[NOTE] … Because we are not endorsing the below products, we are not allowed to use their brand names here. They are, however, widely known and easy to find should you choose to try them.

1. Best-Selling Online Brand

This brand calls itself the “official” krill oil. It does have a lot going for it, but unfortunately some negatives as well.

  • It contain no additives or other ingredients
  • It uses a larger dose to meet the standard nutrient numbers (which means the nutrient density is less than most top grade krill oils)
  • It is “bottled fresh.”


  • At 1,250mg krill oil per dose, the pills are 25% larger than most others
  • This product uses a “supercritical solvent extraction” method from frozen krill
  • Caplique capsules delivery method
  • Krill is shipped frozen and stored awaiting encapsulation, lessening freshness.

2. Online “Doctor’s” Brand

One of the web’s most famous doctors has his own brand of krill oil. Evaluation of this product revealed:

  • It is pure, containing no additives or other ingredients


  • Nutrient numbers are lower than standard, containing only 100MG of EPA and 55MG of DHA per 1,000MG dose
  • Caplique capsules delivery method
  • Extraction method not disclosed
  • Oil is shipped and stored before encapsulation, lessening freshness.

3. Best-Selling Mass Market “Offline” Brand

This “red” brand is found in most drugstores and supermarkets.

  • Softgel delivery system
  • Easy to find


  • Lower dose – recommends only 500mg per day
  • Nutrient numbers are lower than standard, containing only 128MG of EPA and 60MG of DHA per 1,000MG
  • Extraction method not disclosed
  • Contains fillers and added ingredients
  • Mass production needed to produce this product guarantees lack of freshness.


These are the products we’ve reviewed so far, but more will be added as they are reviewed. If you know of other products that should be listed here, email them to us at or become a contributor, we can use all the help we can get!

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